US Consulate holding Hamas letter to Obama

A letter from Hamas officials delivered to US Senator John Kerry during a recent trip to Gaza remains in Jerusalem, White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs told reporters Monday.
"As I understand it, some letter was passed — conflicting reports from whom — to Senator Kerry, and that letter is with the consulate in Jerusalem," said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, according to AFP.

"That’s the only update I have on that," Gibbs said, declining to say whether Obama, who regards Hamas as a terrorist group, would read such a letter if it reached his desk.

The State Department said on Friday that US officials were weighing how the letter should be treated.

AFP says that Kerry was not told by the head of UNRWA, who handed him the letter on Feb. 19, who the missive was from.

The New York Times reported that the letter asked the Obama administration to treat Hamas fairly, after years of political isolation by the previous US administration.